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September 17, 2007



My parents think all I eat is Lean Cuisine because one time (ONE TIME!) shortly after I moved into my first apartment a few years ago, they came by to visit and I had gone to the grocery store the day before and they were having a special 10 for $10 deal on Lean Cuisine meals. I bought them and had them stacked up in my freezer and so everytime they talk about food or me cooking it always includes "oh that's right, you just eat Lean Cuisines, right?"

It does look like an E.T. pumpkin.


HAHAHAHA. That's awesome! I mean, not awesome for you, obviously, to be dogged constantly by the ONE time that you succumbed to the "10 Lean Cuisines for $10" deal. But awesome because I know exactly what you're talking about. I fell victim to the EXACT SAME SPECIAL in 2003 when I was living in Philly. I ate one of them, had a bad piece of chicken and it was years before I tried another microwaveable meal. The rest remained all freezer burned and iced over in my freezer. And just as you describe, my mom came to visit one time, opened the freezer and said, "Wow. You're eating Lean Cuisines?"

I couldn't believe it either. I lived in fear that I was a cat and a disastrous relationship away from being a sad spinster, destined to eat her Lean Cuisine meals alone in front of the telly every night.

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