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September 02, 2007



ah the magic of Ikea. I too used to frequent a nearby Ikea during tough times. After suffering a crushing break-up I visited the store regularly and would feel my spirits lift. There was something about seeing all the cleverly designed and reasonably priced furniture that helped me to escape and envision a happier future, one that included a beautiful Ikea kitchen! Thanks so much for your blog Regan, I really enjoy reading it!



Thanks so much for reading the blog!

I'm so glad to hear that someone else has had a similar experience with Ikea. My life in Philly was such a nightmare. I disliked my job and I was unhappy and uncertain about what to do. I was madly in love with someone who couldn't or wouldn't feel the same anymore. And yes, walking through Ikea gave me an extreme sense of escapism. It was so damn cathartic to walk amid the rows of, as you point out, unbelievably priced, colorful cute bedding options, pots, pans, lamps, candlesticks, glass cabinets and curios. You're so right! It gave me a sense that a better future was not only imminent but also remarkably attainable and neat, tidy, orderly and colorful in a Swedish kind of way. It's like I would go into a trance while eating those little Swedish cookies and wandering the store.

Anyway, sorry to go on and on. I'm just so pleased that it's not just my own deranged self that has felt this way about Ikea.

Every Monday my co-workers would re-hash what they did that weekend and inevitably I would recount another trip to Ikea amid all my weekend goings on. They always looked at each other like, "What is her PROBLEM? What the hell could she possibly NEED from that place at this point?" When, as we all know, it wasn't really about needing anything. It was more about wandering between the set up demo rooms and imagining each one as the life I could have - the urban Regan, the shabby chic Regan, the Euro Regan with the freaky cubby storage systems.

Thanks for the comment and for the faithful reading! I appreciate it. xo RMW


Dear Regan,
EXACTLY! I think we must have been living parallel lives because your time in Philadelphia sounds remarkably similar to what I went through a couple of years ago. If your co-workers couldn't understand believe me I can. Walking through Ikea was sort of like those computer programs where you can put different hairstyles on your head only much better (at least for those of us with good imaginations) because you were seeing potential future versions of your life. At any rate, good for you for making a change and finding something and somewhere that makes you happier. I know it is hard to have the energy and faith to do that when you're having a hard time but as one of the many who reads your blog I am very glad you did! Congratulations on your 50th post!

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