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March 27, 2008



Girl Power songs. hmmmm...this is fun to think about! I like what you have so far. Some more that I like:
'Goodbye Earl' by the Dixie Chicks
'No Man's Woman' by Sinead O'Conor
'Better Be Good To Me' by Tina Turner
'The Ballad of Lucy Jordan' from the Thelma and Lousie soundtrack. I guess it isn't really a girl power song, it is sort of depressing but also empowering at the same time.
'Irreplacable' by Beyonce.
'See the Sun' by Dido (this and Irreplacable might be more post break up empowerment songs than girl power songs).

'Be a Man' from the Mulan soundtrack is a good song but mostly makes fun of the whole idea of a male empowerment song. Sometimes I wonder if there arent hundreds of male empowerment songs out there already but unfortunately they get their power by degrading women. Interesting to think about.

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