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July 26, 2010



I noticed Anna's name was missing from the paper last week and had a hunch yours was soon to follow. Thought I might find out more here. Sherlock Holmes in a previous life, apparently.

So happy you've decided to see what else is out there for you. You'll be successful in whatever you decide to do. Get in touch when you have a chance. I miss you!

donna e.

Welcome to the unemployed. I thought I would be energized by the free time, but with the heat and having to do all of things I have neglected for the past months, years, decades...I am slugging through each sweaty day enjoying the newspaper and coffee, not as much enjoying the laundry, doctors appointments and errands. I set up my blog but have not put one foot forward to actually begin blogging. Best of open mind and surprising opportunities to you. Donna E.

Snarky Dan

The very best of opportunities to you, and many thanks for the wonderful columns and posts that you have given us. I hope you don't leave the area but if you do, don't leave us behind.

For the record, any criticisms I may have made regarding the frequency of your writings were simply due to a fondness for them. I realize I risk irking you further by stating that if it means more Regan ruminations, I'm glad you're unemployed. And if a manuscript is in the offing, well, I hope you never have to work another day.

Keep writing, keep loving your family and friends, and stop running over snakes.

All the best,

Snarky Dan


The Charlotte Weekly won't be the same without you Ms. White. Best of luck on your future career path. One cycle ends, another one begins.

I look forward to seeing your byline in the near future.


DOWD YMCA Half Marathon, November 6th here in Charlotte. Plenty of time to sign up.
Sorry that we will miss the Rants in the Charlotte Weekly. They were the only reason I would read.
Good luck.


Have you run the Dowd Y Half before? Are you an avid runner? I had been running really regularly for a relatively short stint of a few weeks and loved it. The heat really kind of killed it all for me. I should just commit and get to the gym to get some miles in, but I so enjoy running outside. Lately even early morning or evening at dusk still is pretty darn humid and kicks up the age-old asthma. Jesus, I sound like I'm 95. Probably worse than some 95-year-olds.
Thanks for your support of my column and my time at the paper. It's really appreciated. rmw


"Have you run the Dowd Y Half before? Are you an avid runner?"

Yes, I do run fairly often.
I have run the Thunder Road races over the last couple of years. Also, the Childress Klein 13.1 before. I have signed up for the Dowd and noticed in one of your last columns for the paper that you were thinking of running a half. This was why I had mentioned it to you.
It should be a nice time to run.
Thunder Road, in the past, has been quite cold - in 2006 which is the first time I ran it, it was somewhere around 20 degrees at the start. With the DOWD being in November, hopefully it wont be too darn cold.
Running is a good sport. You don't have to spend too much money to do it and it is really nice to get out and enjoy the trails or roads here in town - especially in the fall. You are right, it is tough in the summer with the heat.
It helps with the health aspects - weight, etc.
Hope to see you out there.
Yes, I have read the Charlotte Weekly lately - definite changes with obits and some other things.
But, I still did look forward to your Rant column every couple of weeks.
Have a good one.

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