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October 15, 2010


Snarky Dan

What weirdo could read what you write and not want to know you?


Awww, Snarky Dan. You're so sweet.
As you well know, I'm quite the open book. I let most everyone know me. A veritable whore of sociability, that's me. I've felt close lately with someone who holds back from me, as the case has it. And it's a shame. At least from my perspective. It's a great shame.
Hope you're well - one weirdo to another. ;)


Times in life require pumpkin spice and sweet potato soup. From a creep to a weirdo, not the case at all. You are not a weirdo. Some people may not be comfortable with your level of intelligence. Men in general, not all men, but most have a problem being around a woman that they feel may be smarter or more verse than they are. You are very diverse- nerdy, funny, cute. If the person cant realize that you are a total package, then maybe this person may not be worthy..

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