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November 07, 2010



Congrats on completing the half marathon.
I too ran the race.
It was a nice route.
It was cold and of course, the hills get tough at the end. I don't understand why they always set them up that way.
I was also amazed with the blind gentleman who was racing. First time I ever saw that.
Great to hear you are going to keep up with the running. It is a sports that you can continue for a long time.
Take care and Happy Thanksgiving.


Thanks so much for the encouragement and support. The Dowd Half was a great race, albeit colder than my training and quite hilly, as you mentioned. The relative hilltop finish was a nice touch. :) And that blind man was amazing! I've been experimentally closing my eyes intermittently while running (nothing extreme or dangerous, mind you) and I just can't imagine. It's so impressive!
I'm weighing the Thunder Road Half in a few weeks. I'm more fatigued than I realized, I think. I took a few days off and then picked back up on an every other day training schedule as if I would do the Dec. 11 half and it's just taking me much more to recover. My legs are pretty worn out. So pathetic! We'll see how I feel. I did a lot of mileage Saturday and then hiked Sunday so today was a wash. We'll see.
I hope you have a FABULOUS Thanksgiving! I can't believe the year has gone by so quickly!!! Take care!

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