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March 02, 2011



"Nazi clocks, the favorite stamp of der Fuhrer"? To what stamp are you referring? All I see when I look at the American stamp you wrote about is a boring stamp. And what, exactly, are the "fascist features" of the clock? MeS™


It's true that eagles are used by nearly everyone - but the fascist eagle and Nazi eagle (while one typically has fasces in its talons and the other sometimes stands atop a wreath and swastika)both have more hardened features compared to the eagles typically used in American symbolism. If you Google fascist eagle or Nazi eagle, you'll see what I mean. It's not overt or obvious in this stamp. There's nothing fascist about the damn clock. It's the eagle. And the coloring. At quick glance, it has all the appearance of the angry golden eagles used in fascism. That's all. It was meant to be funny. And a sad comment on what has to be used on my otherwise festive St. Patrick's Day postage this year.

Snarky Dan

Strange....I didn't think a web page could gather dust.

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